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Ormosia also is become bare red bean is the very common legume food on diet, many nutrition is contained among ormosia element and a variety of vitamins, often edible can complement not only the nutrient part that body place needs, also can improve disease of a few bodies, precautionary body anaemia, and the practice of ormosia also has a lot of kinds, the ormosia that make needs flay, after can thoroughlying cook ormosiaA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Will undertake flay is compared simple.

What is ormosia flay small doohickey?

Ormosia flay small doohickey

Preparative material: Ormosia right amount, white sugar boiler of right amount, high pressure, fry boiler, gauze,

Ormosia is right amount, heat one boiler boiled water, ormosia bubble a day.

Bubble after a day, put ormosia high-pressured bowl inside, after risking lunt, again small fire boils half an hour, remember the water inside high-pressured boiler puts much drop, otherwise ormosia was papered cannot succeed, claver gentleman is water for the first time papered ormosia pressing less, result ormosia sweetened bean taste does not have make it.

The ormosia that has pressed is being installed with leakage basin, a little tub is put below leakage basin, the ormosia squish inside leakage basin, press into paste mushily

Squish hind, seek one individual cooperation, the edge pours water, edge agitate ormosia is burnt, when letting current cross ormosia to paper paste, go to morbid of sweetened bean taste. Such ceaseless squish ormosia, reoccupy water rushs down sweetened bean taste, such in the small pot that sweetened bean taste takes below, until from the back sweetened bean taste stays in little tub, it is OK that ormosia remains ormosia case only!

At that time sweetened bean taste has flowed in little tub entirely, wait a little while to meet about, sweetened bean taste precipitated entirely, there can be a few waters above the sweetened bean taste after precipitation, slowly pour water, there still can be a lot of waters inside sweetened bean taste.

What is ormosia flay small doohickey?

After water arrived below left sweetened bean taste, reoccupy gauze filters the water inside sweetened bean taste, remain sweetened bean taste

Still have inside sweetened bean taste now a few water, need is fried again, the heat in boiler is oily, after risking black smoke, break up into sweetened bean taste fry, break up a few white sugar are put when frying, also can put brown sugar.

Fried a little while, fry water almost after working, sweetened bean taste one Tuo of one Tuo can give boiler.

This is complete ormosia sweetened bean taste, can wrap steamed stuffed bun, panification, such had been done!

How flay 2

1, use the ormosia that needs to do ormosia sand ahead of schedule clear water is abluent, in be being put in clear water again next, immerse 4 to 5 hours, take out after bubble is good in be being put in boiler, add clear water to be boiled together make.

2, a hour is boiled again after boil, or so, the ormosia in boiler can have been boiled, this is to should close fire to let it drop in temperature, the ormosia in waiting for boiler falls after normal temperature, want abluent hand, go holding bean in boiler, hold ormosia entirely medicinal powder.

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What is ormosia flay small doohickey?

3, after holding the ormosia that come loose to be taken out sift out, can take sweetened bean taste so, and fabaceous skin can stay in the sieve, can depart them easily.

4, put the sweetened bean taste of skin of take out beans in boiler, join comfortableShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Quantity edible oil and white sugar are fried together make, when frying, should keep flipping through, fry after quality of a material is even, can close fire to be taken out directly, get at this moment ormosia sandiness ground is delicate, and without fabaceous skin, the mouthfeel when edible is specialShanghai Long Feng forum

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Good, it not only can eat directly, still suit to regard as particularly stuffing stuff will use.

Become the small key of ormosia sand

Skin of the beans when making ormosia sand at ordinary times goes not take out can choose freely, and think of to eat more delicate ormosia is sanded, still can join a few longan when make the preserve one’s health such as red perhaps jujube and lotus seed feeds capable person, the mouthfeel of red sweetened bean taste that such meetings let make is better, and effect of its health care of preserve one’s health also is met more outstanding, can alimentary skin also can benefit gas blood.

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