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In cold winter, people more apt choice quantity of heat contains degree of fast food, especially a few soup are tasted, can rise to enhance the effect with resistance and cold keep out, and in season of the Beginning of Winter, the broth that drink a sheep also is the tradition of a lot of places, but hotpot is made, its fishy smell is too full-bodied, very difficult complete suppress lives. When hotpot is made in the home, how do a lot of housewife feel interrogative to the practice of the daily life of a family of hotpot rice should be done?

The practice of the daily life of a family of hotpot rice

Hotpot hand pays way of Bao of meal report meal

Feed capable person: Hotpot is right amount, round green is right amount, carrot is right amount, rice is right amount, often smoke right amount, unripe smoke right amount, salt right amount


1, mincing, carrot cuts round green fourth, hotpot is abluent cut or stripping and slicing is optional. Rice needs to immerse 20 minutes ahead of schedule. The rice drop that has immersed does moisture to reserve.

2, round green is added to fry after boiler burns heat to add a few oil to burn heat sweet, join carrot to break up fry.

3, join hotpot to fry sweet, add right amount unripe smoke, often smoke, the condiment such as salt breaks up fry.

4, break up fry a few minutes to fill dish, reserve.

5, the rice that has immersed arrives in electric meal Bao, add the water of normal volume. Wipe rice with scoop the reverse side level off.

6, in turning over juice of soup of parched hotpot along with to pour rice. Add cold water, water just has done not have the flesh to go very much.

7, electric rice cooker is started cook program can.

8, Bao of meal waiting for report cooks after pushbutton beats, cook by again, after waiting to jump this, again a little stew a little while, appetizing1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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It is good that the hand catchs a meal.

The practice of the daily life of a family of hotpot rice

Authentic hotpot hand catchs Xinjiang the practice of the meal

Feed capable person: NewLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Xian Yang discharges 200 grams, rice 2 measuring glass, carrot 1, onion 1, xinjiangForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Currant of Ba Danmu, Xinjiang is right amount, salt 2 teaspoon, zi like that pink is right amount, edible oil is right amount.


1, 2 measuring glass put rice into the bowl, add water of right amount cold and cheerless. Make surface has done not have rice, put immerse 20 minutes aside.

2, the rice drop dry moisture that has immersed reserves.

3, 2 teaspoon put salt into small bowl. Join agitate of water of 1 little cold and cheerless even, modulation becomes salt water.

4, the edible that more than the fried dish drop puts in boiler is oily, big baked wheaten cake is hot.

5, the salt water of mix up falls into oily boiler quickly.

6, onion 1/2 cut strip. Onion in putting oily bowl, break up with scoop fry.

7, fry onion to become yellow to give sweet smell, accuse onion with ladle oily fish out.

8, ginger is put in the oil that remain piece, small fire fly into rage is sweet.

9, mutton chop is abluent in putting bowl, break up with scoop fry.

10, fry mutton chop to become angry, the half onion that remain is cut in putting bowl, break up with scoop fry ovine eduction fragrance, the surface shows golden scene.

11, carrot is abluent flay, cut with the knife thick.

12, carrot in putting bowl, break up with scoop fry molten.

13, the cold water that full amount adds in boiler does not have surfeit material surface. Build good boiler shell, conflagration infusion.

14, boil water to be burned, the surface appears many float foam, cast aside float foam with ladle.

15, in accusing to do the rice of moisture to put bowl, wipe rice with scoop the reverse side level off.

16, build good boiler shell, turn small fire stew is boiled.

The practice of the daily life of a family of hotpot rice

17, every are removed when boiling period of time, open boiler to build, a few hole are tied in rice surface with the chopstick.

18, later wipe rice with scoop the reverse side level off, lid good boiler is built again stew is boiled.

19, close originally till Shang Zhiji dry, rice absorbs soup juice and grease adequately to become golden lookForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
, scatter right amount Zi like that pink.

20, put right amount Badanmu, currant. Build good boiler shell, small fire stew works to Shang Zhishou, can give boiler.

Hotpot hand catchs a meal to make small stick person

1, of hotpot anthologyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Choose, had better choose the hotpot that take character, if mutton chop is very pretty good. If be big flesh and blood,want chop to become small.

2, the choice of carrot. Carrot had better use red carrot and yellow carrot two kinds of collocation. Nevertheless, general big city sees maize carrot rarely, with hotpot collocation tastes sweeter than red carrot.

3, rice needs to immerse ahead of schedule. Make surface has done not have rice, put immerse 20 minutes aside. The rice drop that has immersed does moisture to reserve.

4, what water does not add is too much, do not have the appearance with a trenchant bead otherwise.

5, take a few fat because of what hotpot chooses, need not cheer again so.

6, what measure the meal after wanting to consider maturity with salt is salty weak, because authentic hand is caught,the process is made add salt no longer at the back of the meal.

7, do not need the flesh when frying hotpot completely ripe, the purpose is to take taste.

8, if there is a child in the home, can meet in last pace much boil in a covered pot over a slow fire, such boiling come out catchLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Meal carrot will be very soft, darling eats more appropriate.

9, the taste according to the individual but extenuatory the burden that adds oneself to like again, be like Zi like that.

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