Fujian Province discipline appoint yesterday message, province discipline appoint, ministry of organization of provincial Party committee, provin爱上海同城论坛

ce is censorial hall, finance hall, audit hall combined print and distribute a few days ago ” the爱上海同城对对碰

Fujian Province helps deficient up responsibility of special fund use management investigates method (try out) ” , the superintendency responsibility of the object that finds out to responsibility, principle, case, form and relevant function branch makes specific provision, help deficient up to strengthen special fund is superintended offer a system to abide by.

” method ” regulation, helping deficient up in process of special fund use management, always appear project of empty row defray, make a false report, practise fraud, diddle, set take help deficient up special fund; Examine and verify, evaluation, check and accept guard a pass lax and bring about help deficient up special fund is used undeserved; Appropriate of without reason defer helps deficient up special fund, cause undesirable effect; Embezzlement, divert, hold back or stop help deficient up the use plan of special fund, cast to, extend means or spending level; Should execute action bid or did not carry out; Forge, proof of statistical form of book of concerned Zhang of destroy by melting or burning; Did not undertake by the regulation fair show, fair perhaps shown program, time, limits, content, place does not accord with a requirement; Did not begin by the requirement 爱上海同城

selective examination, check or check and accept the job, do not superintend what reach the designated position and create the situation such as the loss, ought to carry out responsibility to find out.

According to statistic, since November 2015, province discipline appoint take the lead the branch 上海千花社区

such as harmonious finance, audit, inside complete province limits deploy is begun help deficient up special fund examines the action, certain benefit project, country is small protect wait for 25 to help deficient up special fund regards an examination as the key, special to amounting to 6.938 billion yuan to help deficient up to gross of complete 2015 province 2013 fund undertakes carpet type is checked. Be aimed at the problem that discovers in the examination, save various record be careful in one’s conduct completely censorial mechanism gravity investigated a batch to violate compasses the problem that violate discipline. Up to by this year March, complete province discovers problem clew in all 556, already checked 466, put on record 166, give punis上海同城对对碰交友社区

h of discipline of party disipline politics 165 people, critical education and organizat爱上海同城手机版

ion treat 433 people. Province discipline appoint report exposure early or late two batches 14 case, save various record be careful in one’s conduct completely censorial mechanism is right because 381 responsibility person superintends problem of not do one’s best to carry out responsibility to find out. (reporter Qi Rong)

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