The net austral Fujian on September 3 dispatch 2 days, complete province deepens essence of life to allow the job that help deficient up to be able to be held in Fuzhou. You Quan of secretary of provincial Party committee attends the meeting and speak, governor Su Shulin makes specific work deploy, vice secretary of provincial Party committee moderates at Wei country.

Counterpoise especially emphasize, we must allow the secretary-general to support the demand of deficient about essence of life, perforative the whole process that works to the development that help deficient up each respect, want to help defic上海夜网

ient up from what drop form of peppery range pattern, smooth bloo上海千花网

d transfusion so namely, change direction order make type, have specific aim help deficient up, from flooding of big prescription, flood, big and change help deficient up, change suit 爱上海同城手机版

the remedy to the case, essence to accurate drip irrigation, target to cure help deficient up. Want an object that help deficient up to make clear Hunan above all, want to analyse the reason that send defic爱上海同城

ient deep next, want to specific aim ground seeks the way that follows deficient finally, use the limited natural resources that help deficient up, fund to real point, play gives the greatest benefit.

You Quan points out, a few focal points 上海夜网

that want exert oneself breakthrough to deepen essence of life to help deficient up definitely work. Should highlight clutch good program staff. 2 should highlight perfect infrastructure. 3 should highlight development characteristic industry. 4 should highlight advance basic and public service to be changed equably.

Su Shulin points out, want to advance essence of life to follow the work that help deficient up hammer and tongs. It is to be on policy guiding, hold to blood transfusion and hematopoiesis photograph union. 2 be means is helped up to go up in the side, hold to adjust measures to local conditions, pay attention to actual effect. 3 be advance in the organization on, insist to visit city county rural area 5 class linkage.

Province leader Yang Yue, Jiang Xin is treated, jade of badge of Xie Shuangyu, Zhang Zhina, Wang Meng, Li Gong, Huang Qi, Zheng Xiaosong, the province helps Xie Jige of chairman of association of the deficient foundation, development that help deficient up up to wait attend the meet新爱上海同城对对碰论坛


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