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Environmental protection ministry is met jointly with card inspect exposure of normative environment information

On August 22, bie Tao of director of department of code of policy of environmental protection department is in will express on routine press conference in August, right at present of enterprise of monitoring of emphasis of many 160 nation appear on the market exposure of company environment information is basic and satisfactory. Environmental protection ministry is being met jointly with card inspect, take step of enterprise of monitoring of emphasis of ceaseless and normative nation appear on the market exposure of company environment information, accelerate advance appear on the market the seasonable exposure such as illegal punishment of company great environment.

Last year August, meeting of group of central deep make down is discussed passed ” the directive opinion that builds green banking system about accelerating compose ” , should drive clearly further appear on the market the environmental information exposure of the company. To fulfil directive opinion, environmental protection ministry and card inspect can be signed on June 12 this year ” appear on the market about be be爱上海同城手机版

ing begun jointly the cooperative agreement that exposure of company environment information works ” .

Bie Tao expresses, drive at present appear on the market company and its subsidiary manage information to had gained a few headway in the exposure in year report.

It is 9 become company of monitoring of above nation emphasis appear on the market the company disclosed environmental information, overall case is better. Via calculating, in Shanghai deep many 3000 appear on the market in the company, belong to the business of national emphasis monitoring with environmental protection certain ministry appear on the market the company has many 160. Bie Tao expresses, these companies manage in order, economic gross is big, environmental impact is big. If enterprise of this one part passes information exposure to accept the public to supervise, improve environmental performance for chance with this, have positive effect to the improvement of overall environment. But also put in a few problems, a few companies did not disclose administrative information according to formulary requirement, the information that perhaps discloses is not quite comprehensive, not quite normative, also perhaps have report only the good news, those who say is not quite detailed. Environmental protection ministry is being met jointly with card inspect, adopt measure to have a standard ceaselessly.

2 be the key monitoring enterprise that belongs to province and branch of city class environmental protection to decide appear on the market company, run message according to asking to also ought to be announced. The list that the company appears on the market related is being checked in.

3 it is the key monitoring company that at least a main subsidiary belongs to branch of various environmental protection to decide, serve as a parent company appear on the market the environmental information that the company also wants to announce these subsidiary. Because be in Shanghai deep two ground appear on the market company subsidiary has 70 thousand or so, environmental protection ministry is being compared in constituent one by one right, check.

Besides year report, half an year spends the regular report such as the report, environmental information exposure still includes to report temporarily. Bie Tao emphasizes, before some year a few big companies appear great break the law to be not announced, the case that discloses not in time perhaps. This is deregulation. Great environment violates punishment, be faced with new legal venture should seasonable announce to the public. Existence violates the reason such as case because of subjective ill will, and get of great punishment appear on the market company, must fulfill environmental information to disclose obligation. Ministry of environmental protection of this field work is being ac上海贵族宝贝论坛

celerated in advancing a process.

Li Kejiang: Drive science and technology and economic be in harmony to understand development

Li Kejiang of premier of the State Council inspects ministry of science and technology 22 days and chair when holding an informal discussion, say, current science and technology and economy deepness is shirt-sleeve, revolution of science and technology drives industrial revolution, industrial revolution drives economic progress. Science and technology should face economy, economy to want to rely on science and technology. Branch of science and technology and system of science and technology should assume historical mission, drive be in harmony of economy of science and technology to understand development, innovation of farther promotion science and technology is contributed to what economy grows and prop up.

Highest check: Investigate the financial big alligator of make trouble stoutly

Top people procuratorate a few days ago print and distribute ” the announcement that fulfils countrywide finance to working conference spirit is strengthened and improve financial procuratorial work to work about be being carried out seriously ” , emphasize me上海千花网论坛

chanism of various procuratorial work producing effect of procuratorial work function adequately, strengthen and improve work of financial procuratorial work, increase punish and precautionary finance crime and strength of job of crime of financial field place, the financial big alligator that investigates those make trouble stoutly, money that get right trades to be carried with the interest inside ghost, want to increase crime of negotiable securities futures to hit strength especially.

” announcement ” requirement, severe blow endangers the financial safety, crime that destroys financial order badly, sufficient play is approved catch, sue function, d爱上海同城

etermined punish plays havoc with the behavior of money market order, the financial big alligator that investigates those make trouble stoutly, money that get right trades to be carried with the interest inside ghost, execute to major case hang out one’s shingle supervise and direct, form effective awe.

” announcement ” increase crime of negotiable securities futures to hit strength to put more significant position, emphasize wanting severity to punish to issue stock, bond false, violate it is compasses exposure, important to be not announced information, inside trades, divulge inside information, use not public information to trade, operate the negotiable securities option market crime that destroys order of negotiable securities option market.

” announcement ” still alluded mainly Internet finance risk is special punish works, ask mechanism of various procuratorial work takes an active part in Internet banking venture special punish works, investigate stoutly absorb the public illegally what use Internet to carry out deposit, collect money leader of bilk, organization is passed sell the crime such as the activity, fighting each other especially innovation banner gets the finance such as Pang fraud greatly of fraudulent activity, want lawfully severe blow.

” announcement ” emphasize further, should investigate and deal with sb financial field place commits a crime gravely case, corruption of domain of finance of keep within limits is caused spread impetus, investigate and deal with sb financial domain is carried through the interest stoutly, power money trades executive corruption bribery commits a crime and derelict, misuse of authority causes national office working personnel national riches is serious losing dereliction of duty commits a crime, concentration investigates and deal with sb financial domain is influential, have quaky functionary crime case, corruption of domain of finance of keep within limits is caused spread impetus. Strengthen pair of finance domains to execute the law the law of judicatory activity is supervised, safeguard execute the law judicatory fairness is just.

” announcement ” return a requirement, in process of case of crime of conduction finance domain, want accurate the dividing line that holds finance to reform innovation error and crime of dereliction of duty of neglect one’s duty, innovation of accurate and divisional reform and crime of illegal crime, finance and normal folk are leasehold wait for policy dividing line, prevent break the law commonly violate dispute of compasses, economy to regard crime as, prevent to take the place of in order to punish punishment and have a hand in economic dispute with criminal method. Strengthen law applicable study with judicatory policy, punish clearly further the law that finance commits a crime is applicable standard, promote perfect banking law. Hold to safeguard stability of social overall situation and people the significant position that legitimate rights and interests puts case of department deal with according to law to work, ensure handle a case quality and effect photograph are unified.

Danger endowment tries water debt to turn add life of a country again two odd a person of extraordinary powers cast exceed one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight

Regard a service as one of means of hypostatic economy, danger endowment turns in debt a field is positive exploration, be born project gradually much. Since this year, birthday already participated in Chinese of birthday danger bibcock early or late group of coal of short for Shaanxi Province, China is versed in two only debt turn again a project.

Reporter of negotiable securities times learns from the personage that approachs Chinese life, chinese birthday takes an active part in debt to turn a project, it is the investment that holds corresponding market opportunity to make, the fund that Chinese birthday place manages is expected to win good get one’s own back.

Great Wall car buys Jeep not to have car of substantial progress numerous peaceful allied Ford

Capital of domestic automobile industry is aiming at the integrated opportunity of global limits. On August 22 evening, great Wall car (car of 601633) , numerous peaceful (look forward to of two homebred cars releases 000980) announcement, involve content to all be concerned with global car tycoon.

The near future, look forward to of concerned China car buys Feiyatekelaisile of purpose group (next weighing FCA) message frequency is passed. On August 21, great Wall car is exposed to the sun to be opposite of FCA buy a plan to be interested. That day afternoon, a of Great Wall car dash forward obtain pull litre, end dish break up red close to 13.25 yuan / , rise 2.87% , harbor company share price walks along situation likeness.

Yesterday, great Wall car stops a card to check this matter, night is clear buy FCA to have no substantial progress.

The basis clarifies announcement, great Wall car already paid close attention to reach research FCA, relevant nevertheless research still makes progress without essence. In the meantime, great Wall car did not establish connection with FCA company board of directors, also did not undertake negotiating with FCA company staff or sign any written documents. Exchange a word for, afore-mentioned buying still be vogue far.

Advocate battalion product value rises greatly all alone understands development metaphase net is cruel add 25 times

Appear on the market only of a many month second new all alone understands development (603612) the star that because its bake beforehand,zincous concept becomes field of stock market of near future A to go up. On August 22 evening, all alone connected development to announce since appearing on the market, first half an year signs up for, the company realizes business income first half of the year 1.419 billion yuan, grow 91.34% compared to the same period; Net profit 216 million yuan, grow 2532.83% compared to the same period.

All alone understands development advocate battalion product is bake beforehand zincous, this product takes a company advocate the 96% above of battalion income. Bake positive pole is the important raw material that raw aluminous production cannot replace beforehand, also be charcoal element familial in a product with the biggest crop, assuming be able to bear or endure strong corrode, the function of high temperature electric conduction, be known as the爱上海同城

heart of aluminous electrobath. Field of A stock market is at present medium, all alone understands development is exclusive almost with baking beforehand positive pole gives priority to business Wu appear on the market company.

All alone connects development to express in half annals, bake calendar year of zincous market price case will fluctuate beforehand bigger, suffer first half of the year bake positive pole is produced beforehand can restrict wait for element influence, market price case appears to rise considerably trend, also bring company profit to grow considerably; But future bakes the wave motion of zincous price also will bring uncertainty to company outstanding achievement beforehand. In the meantime, the main raw material of company product is oil anxious, the price with anxious oil changes with company product the price changes go up in time and certain difference exists on extent, also run the uncertainty with reach risk control to bring certain normally to the company.

As steely cycle get warm again after a cold spell takes internal heat element of square big charcoal (600516) , electroanalysis the get warm again after a cold spell of aluminous industry also fries heat bake positive pole and all alone understand development beforehand. Bake zincous industry is accompanying aluminous industry namely beforehand develop and work up rises. First half of the year, all alone connects development to be produced in all bake beforehand zincous four hundred and thirty-five thousand five hundred tons, the sale bakes beforehand zincous four hundred and fifty-eight thousand three hundred tons, sales volume is compared the corresponding period increased last year 57.91% . Export a sale among them one hundred and fifty-six thousand seven hundred tons, home sells three hundred and one thousand six hundred tons. The company is had in the market that bakes positive pole is exported beforehand rate for 33% , house whole nation is exported the first. Current, the company bakes positive pole is produced beforehand can be 860 thousand tons / year, subsidiary Suotongqili bakes positive pole builds a project 300 thousand tons beforehand in be being prepared actively.

6 tall canals draft bissextile earth share aggregate decrease hold nearly 20 million

Bissextile earth share (22 days of late announcement weigh 002440)8 month, 6 tall valves of company draft the day in announcement to remove 15 to trade inside 6 months after day, in order to center contest valence or a large amount of trading means is decreased hold company share, aggregate do not exceed 19.84 million, decrease hold scale not to exceed 2.59% .

Plan to decrease oppose stock measure the biggest is Ruan Jiachun of company assistant president, he is the 3rd large stockholder of the company at the same time. Ruan Jiachun plans to decrease hold an amount not to exceed 15 million, decrease hold after finishing, what Ruan Jiachun holds share scale to will fall to 6.17% .

It is boundless blessing of company director, general manager Xu next, plan to decrease hold an amount to be 2.7 million. Xu Mofu is current hold company eleven million one hundred and sixty-one thousand six hundred, decrease hold after finishing, oppose a scale for 1.1% . In addition, decrease held tall canal to still include company director Ruan Xingxiang, trustee and Zhou Chengyu of Zhao Guosheng of vise general manager, financial chief inspector and Zhang Zhifeng of supervision board chairman.

Orgnaization perch is decreased support annuities idea show differentiation

Show field of body A stock market formally as annuities, two concepts 21 days of in pairs seal harden, but morrow appears to split up apparently. Up to yesterday closing quotation, sea magnetism material continues harden, and 9 in relief stock are small the concussion after leaving goes tall, rise finally 2.38% .

On August 14 with on August 18, of sea magnetism material and share of 9 this world in the newspaper shows annuities to show body A formally, annuities with fund of primary endowment insurance the account of 802 combination, appear in the before 10 large current stockholder of sea magnetism material and share of 9 this world, hold respectively three million nine hundred and twenty-nine thousand two hundred mix 2.867 million, row the 9th with the 10th large stockholder. Suffer this stimulation, zhou Yi reopen after a cessation of business, two concepts at once harden.

Although draw near,go up annuities concept makes share price big go up, but these two concepts outstanding achievement behaves Dou Qianjia first half of the year this year. In the meantime, will mix 22 days on August 21, occurrence orgnaization of these two companies meets the circumstance of high usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price.

Specific in light of, data of dragon tiger a list of names posted up will show on August 21, 9 this world have 3 orgnaizations chair on sheet of share bargainor a list of names posted up, total usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price 919.3 billion yuan. Sell mix sell 2 for idle fund chair, it is peaceful wave of smooth old negotiable securities to liberate respectively south road busin爱上海同城论坛

ess ministry and China road of courtyard of black bamboo of negotiable securities Beijing does business on the west ministry, sell respectively give 332 million yuan to mix 46.45 million yuan. 5 bargainors chair is aggregate undersell 470 million yuan. The data of dragon tiger a list of names posted up yesterday shows, there is 2 orgnaizations chair on a list of names posted up of bargainor of sea magnetism material, two aggregate sell give 33.21 million yuan.

Change of general manager of company of 19 fund inside year starts calendar year new tall

The run that iron makes dish of running water will, tide of change of general manager of fair collect fund still is in continuance.

According to statistic of reporter of negotiable securities times, there is change of general manager of 19 funds company since this year, be in level of perch of a history. Adjacent 7 leave his post with individual reason into general manager, and medium or small change of fund company general manager is in the majority. Express according to the personage inside course of study, the tall canal change such as nearly two years of general manager is constant, show an industry not only competition is intense with each passing day, also refract a company to administer a few problems of the respect. Nevertheless, change Shuai Ye to may bring a few new thinking, the general manager of different style conduces to perfect fund company administering a structure, form new administrative distinguishing feature.

Style changeover sees partner door count 177 chip to be centered continuously

21 stocks partner door number is serial two period drop, and newest first phase falls more than 5% . A moonquake swings agriculture of bullish Hua Ying, partner door number declines continuously; The chip such as industry of drug of in relief Gu Huatai, health Zhi is centered considerably, share price all will have since the middle ten days of a month in July not common expression.

According to what interactive platform announces bourse partner door counts information, 177 stocks August the middle ten days of a month relatively in July end, and in July end relatively partner of the middle ten days of a month door number declines continuously. Heat of market of a month is progressively switch, platelet shows ceaseless refresh goes since the beginning of the year in new tall record, low fan long already do poineering work board be paid close attention to once more by capital. During this, the partner that reflects orgnaization or brunt trend on certain level door several index are fetching attention.

Statistic of kit of treasure of small order data shows, successive two period partner door number declines distributing at 25 explain in case class industry, mechanical equipment gathers together most, include 25; The industry such as biology of electron, chemical industry, computer, medicine all has 10 above stock to be seleted.

Comb further show, 177 chip are centered continuously in, eliminate appears on the market since this year new, 21 newest first phase namely in August the middle ten days of a month relatively in July end partner door number declines even more 5% .

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