Data shows the industrial business finance affairs that national statistic bureau released on April 27, 2017 1-3 month, total of profit of company of d新上海贵族宝贝论坛


sions above industry grows 28.3% compared to the same period, fall after a rise of month of increasing ratio 1-2 3.2 percent; Among them, profit grew 23.8% March, fall after a rise of month of increasing ratio 1-2 7.7 percent.

Dr. Si Heping unscrambles statistical bureau industry say, profit was added March fast although put delay somewhat, but still be in rapidder growth level on the whole, it is the regression that grows normal to profit. In the meantime, enterprise beneficial result is overall the state continues to get ameliorative.

It is profit growth structure is optimized somewhat. March, business of industry of full scope above increases profit newly in, proportion of manufacturing industry of mining industry, raw material drops, proportion of consumable manufacturing industry, equipment manufacturing industry rises. Among them, mining industry place holds proportion for 34.2% , drop than 1-2 month 0.9 percent; Proportion of raw material manufacturing industry is 38.1% , drop 9.5 percent; Proportion of consumable manufacturing industry is 11.8% , increase 0.5 percent; Proportion of equipment manufacturing industry is 21.6% , increase 6 percent.

2 it is profit margin continues to pick up compared to the same period. March, profit margin of business Wu income is industrial proprietor of an enterprise 6.47% , increase 0.49 percent compared to the same period.

3 it is to answer fund condition to continue to improve. In March end, business of dimensions above industry is receivable average pay back period is Zhang money 38.6 days, decrease 1.1 days compared to the same period, continued to go up the trend that drops compared to the same period since the month.

4 be ” leverage ” drop continuously. In March end, indebted rate is assets of company of dimensions above industry 56.2% , drop compared to the same period 0.7 percent.

March month of 1-2 of industrial profit increasing ratio somewhat fall after a rise, main reason has:

It is raw material rises in price fast at the product. March, index of industrial producer producer price is 107.6% , rise than 1-2 month 0.3 percent; Industrial producer purchases price index for 110% , rise than 1-2 month 0.9 percent, increase a prep above producer price. The pace is calculated first, rise because of industrial producer producer price 7.6% , income of business of battalion of proprietor of an enterprise increases about 751.3 billion yuan, because industrial producer is purchased,rise in price 10% , cost of business of battalion爱上海同城

of proprietor of an enterprise raises about 639.7 billion yuan, balance of income and expenses, profit adds about 111.6 billion yuan, increment decreases apparently than 1-2 month, profit growth is abate to the dependence that rise in price.

2 it is to divide an industry to look, the relevant industry profit such as coal, oil and iron and steel puts delay. March, get the price fluctuant, cardinal number of profit of the corresponding period rose last year wait for an influence, coal extracts and oil and property of washing course of study, natural gas exploitation, oil machines metal of coking plant and industry of nuclear fuel treatment, chemical raw material and chemical products manufacturing industry, black smelt and press delay treatment industry 5 trades are total increase profit newly 75.2 billion, add 95 billion yua上海千花网

n lesser than 1-2 month, affect profit of company of industry of full scope above to increase fast fall after a rise 8.5 percent. The computer corresponds and manufacturing industry of other electron equipment leaves demote case considerably compared to the same period because of yield, certain also level is pulled low profit is added fast.

3 it is on the high side of cardinal number of profit of the corresponding period. Last year March, profit of company of dimensions above industry grows 11.1% compared to the same period, amplitude is compared 1-2 month accelerated 6.3 percent last year.

Statistical bureau expresses, we also want to see, in enterprise benefit overall improvement while, a few adverse el上海夜网论坛

ements also show somewhat: Purchase had risen in price fast, reduce pressure of raw material cost to increase to hypostatic enterprise; Finan上海贵族宝贝论坛

cial cost by drop continuously turn to grow, make clear lower interest to falling the effect of cost is potential somewhat abate, need us to pay close attention to further.

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