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Arrived seasonal and alternant or be when weather is dry, a lot of people can have a lip dry appear with the circumstance of desquamate. Generally speaking, we think devoid moisture brings about this. In fact, lack water besides the inadequacy that drink water, or outside the reason that is weather, also have particular concern with the element of person oneself, include a few undesirable habits that develop in the life, also can bring about a lip weather-shack. So, how does mouth skin work to do?

Mouth skin works how to do

1 · often massages a lip to prevent weather-shack

The method of massage lip is very simple, cotton perhaps makes up to touch honey besmear to be on the lip with cotton autograph before sleeping in the evening everyday, perhaps use the lipstick daub lip that contains natural part thick, massage gently with finger, can help the blood of stimulative lip soForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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nutrition, slowly the lip is weather-shack the circumstance of desquamate can get ameliorative, the lip becomes moist.

Lip of apply of 2 · honey prevents a lip weather-shack

When feeling the lip is weather-shack, besides use lipstick, conditional word can dip in with cotton autograph plant of a few edible is oily or the purpose that honey daub achieves embellish lip on the lip, with honey besmear lip, besides skin of very good alimentary lip ministry, still can restrain a bacterium to grow, prevent a lip weather-shack be affected when broken skin by the bacterium. But those who need an attention is, diabetic crowd is sure to keep in mind to cannot use honey embellish lip.

Mouth skin works how to do

3 · erythromycin eye creams prevent harelip

Besides commonly used embellish lipShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Cream besides, cream with erythromycin eye will besmear the lip conduces to likewise prevent a lip weather-shack desquamate phenomenon appears, the bases in lipstick of a lot of embellish is petrolatum fat, erythromycin eye creams in contain many vaseline likewise, can have embellish lip effect, and erythromycin still has antiphlogistic and antiseptic effect, the lip is weather-shack, have crevasse, below the circumstance that often bleeds, use erythromycin it is better that the eye creams moist rehabilitate effect wants lipstick of more average than using benefit.

4 · olive oil and milk powder are become labial film

Before sleeping in the evening, edible olive oil besmear is on the lip, perhaps move a few milk powder into use mushily use when labial film, on apply 20 minutes or so, can improve a lip effectively weather-shack the phenomenon of desquamate, because,this is, the not saturated fatty acid in olive oil and vitamin content are rich, can very good settlement the skin is dry, sao is urticant wait for a problem.

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5 · ointment and toothpaste wipe a lip weather-shack

If the lip is weather-shack desquamate phenomenon is more serious, appear even fester acute, can use penicillin or position of purulent of erythromycin ointment daub, perhaps use position of toothpaste daub fester, field mint composition and other and antiseptic part are contained in general toothpaste, weather-shack to more serious lip effect of desquamate phenomenon therapy is better.

Mouth skin works how to do

6 · compensatory vitamin and moisture improve harelip appearance

The lip appears weather-shack much more compensatory moisture should notice when the phenomenon, much draft fruit is vegetable, especially pear, water chest nut promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid the fruit of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood and soya bean bud, bai Luobo, a variety of Chinese cabbage, what the vitamin content such as rape abounds is fresh and vegetable, what cause for lack of the vitamin with alleviating quickly is weather-shack desquamate phenomenon. Drink water to provide moisture content for the lip more even at the same time, it is companion less with smoke wine, eat less to stimulate food tartly, maintain enough sleep.

7 · lip is weather-shack the other note of desquamate

After labial desquamate if labial skin has become warped,rise, had better use small shears attentive cut off labial skin, must not rip with the hand, avoid when tearing off, bring about

Bleed to affect phenomenal; lip to begin weather-shack word not to let a lip touch water; lip to began desquamate to bleed as far as possible even sorely lipstick of embellish of first-class out of service, convert the plant is oily or honey comes wet lip, lest the skin is excessive lack water aggravating

Dry phenomenon; in addition, if the lip is weather-shack,the phenomenon does not heal for a long time, had better go to a hospitalShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Examine, find out the pathogeny, to disease cure.

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